ex·act [ig-zakt]


1. strictly accurate or correct: an exact likeness; an exact description.

2. precise, as opposed to approximate: the exact sum; the exact date.

3. admitting of no deviation, as laws or discipline; strict or rigorous.

That’s just how we roll...

There’s the right way to do things and there’s the cheap way.

We always choose right.

There’s the correct answer to a question and there’s the quick answer.

We always choose correct.

There’s the methodical approach to solving the problem and there’s the easy approach.

We always choose methodical.

There’s the precise solution and there’s the approximate solution.

We always choose precise.

You didn’t get where you are in life by being “approximate” or taking the easy path. You invested the time to do it right and do it well.

So do we.

That’s why you should work with us.

That’s just how we roll...

All partners have Masters degrees.

It’s hard to be accurate, much less exact, without a sound basis in theory. That’s why all of us invested in post-graduate degrees from top schools.

Our entire practice is USPAP-compliant.

Some people follow some of the rules some of the time; we follow all of the rules all of the time.

Our ethics are exact too.

Our corporate culture is based on one of our Dad’s quotes: “Live your life and run your business so you can walk down any street in any city and not be concerned about whom you meet.”

You won’t find a better ROI anywhere.

Our deliverables are based on generating the highest ROI for you, not the lowest cost. Your peace of mind knowing you received the most accurate determination of value will be worth every dollar you invest in our expertise.

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