“Nobody understand my business well enough to derive an accurate value!”

First, all of us have extensive C-suite experience. We’ve all been at least a Vice President at a major corporation.

Second, all of us are entrepreneurs. We’ve all started at least one successful business. Not to brag, but our perspective includes at least one venture that didn’t develop as anticipated...

Third, we understand sweat equity: the long hours, the missed vacations, the time away from your loved ones. The value of a business often extends beyond “the numbers.”

So you see, in addition to speaking your language, we’ve walked in your shoes!

“My accountant handles that.”

CPAs are great for keeping the books and filing taxes. That’s why we use them.

Know what though? They aren’t licensed/certified by the state to appraise anything!

They can testify at trial regarding your taxes. However, their opinion regarding your business is not as compelling evidence as a certified appraiser’s valuation. Trust us, it goes way beyond semantics!

As Dirty Harry said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

“What the heck is Yoozpap and why should I care?”

Actually, it’s USPAP: Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

It’s a compilation of 4 Rules, 10 Standards and numerous clarifying statements that define the rules governing each facet of the appraisal profession: real property, appraisal review, consulting, personal property, mass appraisal (your property taxes) and business valuation.

You should know and care because Standards 9 and 10 deal specifically with business valuations.

Can anyone else asking for your trust in determining your firm’s worth offer anything comparable?

We think not...   But we can.   And do!

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