"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways..." Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“How can we help thee? Let us count the ways.”        Exact Valuations

Invaluable Assistance Owning, Buying or Selling Your Home and Business

  • Property tax appeals: besides being excellent appraisers, see our expert witness experience!

  • Home improvement/expansion: is an addition really a good investment in your neighborhood?

  • Selling guidance: did the Realtor “buy” your listing?    For Sale by Owner, better call us.

  • Buying guidance: sure you love the house but is it really worth the contract price?

  • Mortgage refinancing/Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) removal: why pay if you don’t need to?

Legal Consultation and Collaboration

  • Expert witness testimony: juries like us and we know our way around a deposition/courtroom.

  • Divorce settlements: no need for the court to order a costly, time-consuming third tie-breaker.

  • Estate planning including date of death appraisals: looking back isn’t as clear as one thinks!

Mortgage and Relocation Services

  • Desk/field appraisal reviews: all indiscretions are highlighted using direct USPAP citations.

  • Second opinion appraisals: guess what, ours usually wins!

  • FHA and VA loans: we hold certifications in both areas.

  • Primary, secondary and reverse mortgages: we’ll minimize your risk while maximizing closings.

  • Employee relocation: nobody has more accurate forecasting that we.

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